Revolutionizing the Stadium Space: Part I

Stadium, Revolutionizing the Stadium Space: Part I


imageLive sporting events and live concerts – two things that most of us love to do with our friends and family.  The similarities and differences between these two pastimes are mostly obvious, but let’s consider one notable difference that may not come to the forefront of everyone’s mind, as well as an innovative way that Staging Concepts is changing it.

Think for a moment about some of the “big name” live concerts you’ve attended.  What comes to mind?  A monster stage under a big, shiny structure?  An ensemble of lights moving and flashing in perfect synchronicity with the song?  The pulse of subwoofers in your chest?  Of course!  And unless you’re envisioning an orchestra, you probably see a swarm of energized, unfettered concert-goers filling the open expanse in front of the stage, swaying and jumping to the music and moving about unrestrained by their non-existent assigned seats.

Now, think back to the last professional sporting event you attended.  For me, I’m in Minneapolis watching my beloved Minnesota Twins on a warm, sunny day in July.  Cold beer in hand, a mess of peanut shells around my shoes, and a lush green field surrounded by an almost perfectly organized wall of humans.  Sure, it’s a beautiful way to spend a relaxing summer day outdoors.  But if you’re anything like me, it’s difficult to sit through nine innings of baseball in (let’s be honest) a cramped stadium seat engaging in elbow wars over the tiny armrest and constantly guarding my beer from ending up like the peanut shells due to my fellow ‘Row #128’ occupants climbing over me in a rush to relieve themselves.  The other problem for someone like me – a millennial with an impaired attention span – is that I more enjoy the social aspect of sporting events as much as anything.  Casually watching a live game while sharing laughs and good conversation with friends is perfection… and that’s hard to do when I’m limited to a complete stranger on my left and a laser-focused, statistics-loving uncle on my right.

To state the obvious, the difference I’m highlighting here is the physical freedom we enjoy at an electrifying live concert in contrast to the relative lack of freedom we’re subjected to in shadows of the nose-bleed sections.  But what if there was a way to do away with the concept of the assigned seat and replace it with something more akin to the liberating live concert experience?  Guess what – THERE IS!

THE PROJECT:  Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, home to the Canadian Football League powerhouse and 2015 CFL champions – The Edmonton team.  Even when their fans thought their game couldn’t get any more exciting, Staging Concept will be providing an innovative new riser system that will undoubtedly enhance the spectator experience for the upcoming 2016 season.

Check back NEXT WEEK for Part II, and to learn about the project that is shaking up the sports world and revolutionizing the Stadium Space: The Commonwealth Stadium for Edmonton.