Revisiting Mount Olivet

Mount Olivet, Revisiting Mount Olivet

Mount Olivet, Revisiting Mount Olivet

With the holidays now behind us, we decided to call on one of busier December customers. Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN hosts multiple programs and concerts for student choirs of all ages during the holiday season.

To accommodate such a large crowd of young, talented vocalists, Staging Concepts designed a custom seating riser made up of SC90 Platforms, SC9600 Bridge Supports, IBC Guardrails, and various accessories. A lot of customization went into this project because we had to work within a designated space at the front of the church. In the end, our engineers designed a system that sits flush against the surrounding walls and existing communion rails.

“I’m amazed at how your engineers do it,” said Don Wamsley, Facilities Operations Manager at Mount Olivet. “They designed it perfectly – a riser specifically for our alter, and it’s a limited space.”

This new friser replaced their then 40-year-old riser space and can now safely hold 200+ members at a time. “The risers are really sturdy and it doesn’t budge, so I’m not worried about it holding the kids,” said Wamsley.

But the riser is not just used during the holiday season. We discovered that since the initial install back in 2015, Mount Olivet uses elements of the system for other events throughout the year. For instance, they transform parts of the riser into a standalone platform for a runway fashion show.

No matter the final layout, our platforms and correlating products can be easily setup and taken down within a short amount of time by just a few people. We’re glad to hear that Mount Olivet continues to use their system every year in new and diverse ways!

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