Renovate or Revitalize your Existing Space

Renovate, Renovate or Revitalize your Existing Space

By: Christina Shelton, Estimator

You should always explore all of your options if you are trying to decide whether to build, preserve or renovate. Consider preservation or renovation whether you already own a space or are looking for a new space for performing arts, sports venues or spaces to worship. 

Preservation is a widely used construction method for historic structures and landmarks such as museums, theaters, hotels and places of worship. Preservation is the perfect option to restore and maintain the history of a building, space or neighborhood.

Spaces are renovated in order to repair or reuse and outdated space or structure. Renovating a space saves on project costs, material wastes and construction time. The environmental impact of renovation compared to new construction is considered such a benefit that there is now more opportunity than ever to receive grants and funding for renovation projects.

Photo from stadiumjourney.comTheatre renovation, school renovation and worship space renovation has been commonplace in the past. The latest category to join the renovation revolution is sports venues. Technological advancements, time and space limitations and budget are all factors when considering sports arena renovation.

Sports arena renovations are becoming very popular as a way to reconfigure existing seating or add additional accessibility seating, court side seating, end zone seating, camera platforms, vomitory infill seating and high-end box seating without having to tear down existing walls.

Photo from Anniston Star

Jacksonville State University decided to renovate the Pete Mathews Coliseum instead of complete demolition. The existing stadium structure was in great condition, but the interior needed updating and the seating did not give the fans the site lines that are needed to view all of the action happening on the court. The new seating consists of Staging Concepts permanent and removable seating risers.

Consider Staging Concepts for your renovation project. We can help you with a complete system for your entire arena or partial systems to update portions of your space. Permanent or removable custom seating is our specialty. To contact a sales associate and begin discussing your renovation, email us or call us at 800.337.5339 today.

Photo attributions: and Stephen Gross/The Anniston Star