The Process of Design/Build in Staging


By: Christina Shelton, Staging Concepts Estimator

Design/Build is one of the oldest methods of construction. It is the method in which the design of the project is completed by the same contractor who will also construct the project.

Staging Concepts uses the Design/Build method with many clients as a means to provide the ideal stage equipment for the client’s intended use. In many cases the client does not have the means to present the drawings and documents needed to relay the idea of what they need to create the perfect space. Our professional design team staff works with the client through simple sketches and verbal communication provided by the client to provide the drawings and documents needed to proceed with the construction phase of the project. Staging Concepts will work with the client extensively until all space criteria have been met with the client’s original intent and needs. All drawings and ideas are approved by the client prior to proceeding to the construction phase.

The Design/Build method of construction offers many advantages for clients who are looking for small stage design to large event stages, risers and pool covers. Any project that does not have an architect assigned or any project that does have and architect assigned who does not specialize in staging, stages, theaters and risers will benefit from the design work provided by Staging Concepts.

The advantages of Design/Build ensure best value selection. The client participates in the design and is able to ensure that the design will fit with the project scope budget. Staging Concepts becomes the single point of responsibility. This minimizes the risks for the client ensuring that the project will fit within the clients’ needs and scope of budget.

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