Outdoor Staging: Built to Last

Outdoor, Outdoor Staging: Built to Last

IMG_1721At Staging Concepts, we spend our days designing and manufacturing many different custom stage systems and seating risers for our valued customers.  This is what makes so many of our job opportunities challenging and fun.  When it comes to modular stage and platform riser systems, there should never be a one-size-fits-all mentality on the part of the manufacturer.  We also know that much of the time, the systems we provide will (at some point) be set up outdoors and exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions.  Fortunately, designing and manufacturing quality components that can stand up to the tests of Mother Nature is actually the easy part!


When shopping around for a stage system that can withstand the natural elements, the first factor you should consider is the materials used to manufacture these types of products.  Let’s take our cornerstone product as an example – the SC90 Platform.  There are almost endless possibilities as to how we can build an SC90 Platform.  We are always modifying the size, shape and surface finish of these platforms (among other variables) to make something completely custom and in line with the customer’s vision.  But the factors that we do not need to modify while still providing a custom solution are key.  These are things like the plywood panel that’s installed in the SC90 Platform frame.  Many modular stage manufacturers will make the price of their platforms more competitive by using a 0.75” thick B-grade plywood (such as a lower-grade birch).  Staging Concepts, on the other hand, has been manufacturing the SC90 Platforms for 25 years using a 1” thick Marine-grade (A-grade) plywood panel.  Although it’s a little more expensive on the front end, it is naturally resistant to damage caused by moisture penetration and humidity and will long outlive a lower-grade substrate panel of a competitor’s platform.


IMG_1697Additionally – except for some of the systems that are intended exclusively for indoor use within a climate-controlled facility – Staging Concepts’ support structure systems and stage accessories are all manufactured using a high-grade structural aluminum which, unlike steel, is a metal that will not rust.  When our customers intend to use these systems exclusively outdoors and in a variety of climates, we will even take it a step further and anodize our aluminum components to keep them looking brand new and substitute standard zinc plated hardware for stainless steel hardware to ensure that our products outlast anything else in the field.


That being said, there are a number of other modifications that we can make (and indeed we have made) to our systems in order to withstand a variety of environments and ensure the best possible ROI for our customers.  However, what I believe is more important than the materials we use, is the fact that our sales team understands how to ask the right questions before providing a quote and design concept.  We are not just sales representatives, we are also custom project consultants and product experts.  We don’t just want to know what you want, we want to know what you need.  Understanding how and where one of our systems is intended to be used is just as important as anything else because we know you are relying on our experience and knowledge to provide you with a system that will work for you. To find out more about our outdoor staging options, contact a sales representative today.