Make the Most of Your Event Space With Modular Staging Equipment

, Make the Most of Your Event Space With Modular Staging Equipment

Event venues come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for staging across the board. Having flexible and multi-functional staging is a necessity to create safe access for all events and provide amazing experiences. From sports arenas to theaters, every event, venue or production bears its own unique needs. Because of this, modular and portable staging equipment has increased in popularity due to the products’ ability to accommodate nearly any venue and event.


Customizable, portable staging is critical for venues who may have spacing constraints. Modular and portable staging provides solutions for venues of sizes, specifications and requirements. Here are a few of the ways modular equipment, portable stage platforms and other customizable products can provide a one-of-a-kind experience for your event.


Stability and Strength

High-energy and exciting events need staging solutions that will hold up. Strength and stability are critical for maintaining safety for all guests and to provide an improved experience for everyone. Portable platforms have been historically used for temporary staging, however, because of their durability and flexibility, they are being incorporated more frequently into permanent staging solutions for a variety of event venues, such as theaters and sports arenas


Flexible staging is vital to accommodate a venue’s variety of needs and activities. For example, sports arenas can be turned into concert stadiums or even hold large conferences. And sometimes the venue needs some transformation to boost its ability to accommodate. For example, check out our work with Texas Christian University’s Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena renovation project. 


TCU wanted to enhance the overall fan experience. We provided the lower bowl platforms on both ends of the court—serving as the “Courtside Club” for donors and courtside seat holders. This area needed to be strong, stable and durable with a “permanent” feel but the ability to be easily moved for other events held in the arena.


Customizable Staging

If your venue has spacing constraints, specific configurations and other unique requirements, we recommend customizable staging options. Here’s another illustration to demonstrate this need: Staging Concepts worked with the Cowan Center at the University of Texas Tyler to design and manufacture an acoustical shell for their venue. The Bravado®  Acoustical Shell is constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frome and composite honeycomb core reflector. The shell is fully customizable, giving customers the option to choose from a variety of panels, finishes, light fixtures and configurations. When you have space constraints, having customizable options is essential.


The shared performance venue lacked adequate storage and musical acoustics were starting to become a concern. But because of the solutions from Staging Concepts, the acoustical shell would be able to utilize fly space, leaving more room for storage behind the stage. The design of the shell is flexible, making it easy to take on a different shape depending on the performance and group. When your venue has very specific needs, customizable options are the answer.


Cost-Effective and Flexible

Many venues have projects with very specific budgets. It’s critical to find cost-effective staging solutions that meet the needs and requirements for unique events and venues. Modular staging is a cost-effective way to work with existing footprints while creating comfortable and safe accommodations for patrons. 


By utilizing a staging system, a venue can have a customized set of portable, modular staging designed to work for all of their event needs. As mentioned above, some venues need their staging equipment to be moveable, but give the appeal of a permanent design. The skilled engineers from Staging Concepts can create designs that are flexible, yet provide sufficient stability and strength that’s needed to provide a desired experience of a venue or event without compromising on safety.


Customizable Staging from Staging Concepts

Your event deserves the best staging possible without constraint. Having customizable staging is essential to ensure every need is met, especially when you have staging restrictions. Our goal here at Staging Concepts is to elevate all people’s abilities to safely access and enjoy amazing life experiences.


As an industry leader in staging equipment, we strive to deliver quality, durability, custom capabilities and full-service—all within your production demands. We will work tirelessly to ensure our equipment and service always exceed our customers’ expectations. If you’re in need of customizable staging for your event, contact us today to learn more.