Inside Look: Minneapolis Motor Sports

Minneapolis, Inside Look: Minneapolis Motor Sports

IMG_8564As a company that specializes in large design-build projects, Staging Concepts often completes projects with hefty budgets, custom design aspects and expanded timelines. Although we are proud to be able to handle such jobs, we also take pride in handling smaller-scale projects that ultimately contribute greatly to our yearly sales and customer base. Equally as important, these smaller-scale projects can often be the most interesting and fun to accomplish.

IMG_8560Recently, Staging Concepts worked with Minneapolis Motor Sports, a twin-cities based company that offers a myriad of products and services ranging from Bombardier 4-wheelers, SeaDoo Watercraft, Yamaha Motorcycles, to sports apparel and trailers. The store needed a way to showcase their products, and Staging Concepts had the perfect solution.

Staging Concepts equipped the customer with 20 custom-sized SC90 Platforms, topped with a black rubberized diamond tread flooring. Not only are the platforms professional looking, but they are also useful and durable. The custom-sized SC90 Platform can support 250 lbs. per square foot—perfect for holding 4-wheelers and large, heavy objects.

These products are the perfect solution for the customer to utilize year-round, and can serve a variety of purposes for their many different needs. Staging Concepts is happy to quote your project, whether it is big or small- give us a call or contact us today to find out if we have the products you need to enhance your space or venue.