Illuminating the Stage with Best In Class Components

Best in class, Illuminating the Stage with Best In Class Components


One of our goals at Staging Concepts is to support the entertainment industry through superior product knowledge and key partnerships. From a sales channel standpoint, we support our dealers not only with exceptional products and services, but also by respecting the relationships they have developed throughout the years with their clients. From a sourcing standpoint, we incorporate “best in class” materials into the products we supply to the industry. For this reason, we recently visited Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) in Middleton, WI.

With the growing supply and demand of the Bravado® Acoustical Shell system, Staging Concepts is now often asked to incorporate high-end lighting into its products. Acoustical shells often include an overhead “cloud”, which not only acts as a sound reflector, but also helps illuminate the stage for the benefit of the audience. Additionally, this provides significant on-stage lighting so that musicians on stage are able to easily read their music.

ETCThere are many valuable lighting suppliers in our industry, but ETC is an entertainment industry leading supplier, with over 300 authorized service centers throughout the world. In addition to the high quality and innovative products ETC produces, the culture of the company was very impressive, and in some ways, inspiring. The organization provides an inviting work environment for their employees, subsidizing meals for employees and connecting the workforce to their dynamic founder and top executive, Fred Foster.

ETC supplied Staging Concepts with LED lights for a recently completed Bravado® Acoustical Shell for the East Texas Symphony Orchestra (click here to view case study on this project or here to view our recent blog). ETC is on the forefront of LED lighting technology, and its innovative product design and notable quality control has earned a reputation in its industry.  We appreciated the product education and hospitality demonstrated by the company during our visit a couple of weeks ago.

We look forward to continuing to supply best in class components to our customers for additional platform and Bravado Acoustical Shell projects!