Essential Stage Lighting

Lighting, Essential Stage Lighting

086Lighting is an integral part of any performance space.  Here at Staging Concepts, we are aware of that reality and we partner with a number of industry leaders to integrate lighting products into our portable staging equipment and acoustical shells.

We provide Vista Lighting products for aisle lighting and step units so patrons can properly see exit routes.  The Vista aisle lighting and nosing is a very durable and practical addition to any performance space.  Vista has a strong hold in a number of industries including architectural, marine and aviation.  With this wide market share, they have many products to choose from to meet the needs of any challenge.

Our Bravado Acoustical Shell utilizes ETC Source 4 Par MCM incandescent fixtures or ETC D40 LED fixtures to brightly light the stage while the acoustical shell is in use.  ETC fixtures are time tested.  ETC has been an industry leader since introducing microprocessor-based control consoles to the market in the early 1980s.  ETC further solidified their place in the industry when they introduced the Source Four ellipsoidal spotlight in 1992.  ETC is constantly ahead of the curve in developing new products to meet the markets continuing demands.

20160212_075433Working with these strong partners in the lighting industry allows us to provide you with high quality lighting products integrated into our staging and acoustical shell solutions.   If your portable staging system or acoustical shell requires a lighting solution, we can provide complete systems to meet and exceed all of your needs.

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