Dressing Up The Stage

Stage, Dressing Up The Stage

IMG_1235 cutThe Staging Concepts SC90 Platform system consists of an aluminum extrusion frame with a top decking material and aluminum legs as standard. The SC90 decking can be selected in several different materials including plyron, polyvinyl, carpet and bare plywood, along with custom options as well. The aluminum frame comes standard in mill finish, with black powder-coating and black anodizing as finishing options. Even though the standard SC90 Platform is relatively simple in design, when set-up it is highly customizable and modular with the ability to add skirting and clip-on closure panels to dress up a performance space. The top decking is mostly seen and used by performers, hence the top decking should suit their needs, however the sides of the platforms are typically seen head-on from an audience perspective and it is important to account for the final dress up and finishing touches to a staging system.

Skirting is typically the first choice for dressing up a performance stage and provides a classic appearance. The standard skirting is black wyndham material with 50% pleat fullness, but other options are also available. The SC90 Platform features an aluminum extrusion with a built-in clip system. When purchasing a skirt, clients will receive skirt clips made of durable plastic that attach to the extrusion with hook side Velcro facing outwards. The skirting will typically have the loop side Velcro that can be easily attached to the stage. The skirting is easily removable and storable making for a quick and easy set-up of a portable performance stage and skirt clips can either be removed or simply left in place when platforms are stored. All skirting is made custom and specific to each performance stage.

Closure PanelFor a semi-permanent stage or seating riser system, a closure panel is a great choice. Closure panels are made of rigid materials such as aluminum, solid hardwood or veneer, and can even be made to match the top surface decking material. Closure panels are much sturdier than skirting and provide a more permanent look, however they are also heavier and harder to install, which means they are a better choice for a semi-permanent system. Similar to attaching a stage skirt, closure panels are clipped to the side of the aluminum extrusion using the same built-in clip system. Closure panels can be easily removed with a simple T-handle tool for tear-down or for accessing space underneath a stage. Staging Concepts also provides an option that requires zero tools, and simply features a spring pin. Closure panels can be highly customized to match any area of a performance space, for example if there is hardwood seating or ornamental trim in a performance space, Staging Concepts can source solid hardwood or hardwood veneer and match both stain and finish to yield a consistent look within a space.