Berry College: An Inside Look At The Process

Staging Concepts recently designed, manufactured and installed a custom, rolling and stacking steel seating riser system designed to facilitate 6 unique layouts. The system consisted of 32 frames—24  tiered frames and 8 base frames that enable the stacking of the tiered frames. Each tiered section was approximately 9ft long x 4.5ft wide x 1.5ft tall, and when bolted together formed a 3 piece section approximately 9ft long x 13 ft wide x 1.5ft wide.

All sections featured powder coated steel frames, black polyvinyl top surface and closure panels as well as retractable casters to move each piece into position seamlessly.  Several sections also featured blue LED step lighting and black powder coated aluminum guardrail for safety purposes.

Since each section was so large and weighed close to 750lbs (or 2,250lbs when assembled as a 3-piece section), the shipping process was rather complex, but Staging Concepts design, project management and shipping teams were able to come up with a unique solution to maximize truck space by packing the frames upwards instead of outwards. Staging Concepts designed a system of custom frames which were used to stack the individual sections and secured them to an oversized flatbed truck bed using haul straps and protected them with waterproof tarps. Staging Concepts successfully delivered and installed the system from Minneapolis to the jobsite approximately 1,100 miles away.