ARA Show Review

ARA Show

By: Alexander McCallum, Regional Sales Manager

The ARA Show (American Rental Association) otherwise known as The Rental Show is one of the largest trade shows of the year where you can find anything and everything you can possibly imagine renting. The product spread available for these rental companies to purchase goes from high end linens and fabrics to heavy machinery and construction tools.

Our products (primarily our SC90 platform, Crowd Control Barricade, and accessories) fit in well here at the ARA Show for rental companies looking to expand their inventories or for new rental companies looking to get into the staging rental market. We are offering great start up packages for both large and small stages to help get these rental houses up and running with high quality stage platforms at amazing ARA Show only prices.

The most popular package we were offering at The Rental Show was start up 12’x24’x24” SC90 Stage with our Simple Step Unit, Stage Skirting, and a Storage Cart. This is our most common stage size for starting up rental companies and is great for tent concert stages, outdoor weddings, and gives them the flexibility to see how staging can fit into their inventories.

With the ARA Show being in New Orleans this year it brought in one of the largest crowds The Rental Show has ever seen, hopefully next year in Atlanta there is more to come!