Accessibility for Stages, Arenas and Platforms

Stages Accessibility, Accessibility for Stages, Arenas and Platforms

By: Christina Shelton, Estimator

20160210_105008Designing any space requires designing the means to get to and from that space. All rooms have a door that is located during the design and planning of the room.

The same care needs to be considered when designing a stage, arena seating or elevated platforms. The space needed for stair units and ramps can be a hindrance on the project if consideration is not given to these items at the forefront of the project planning.

The design should consider the user. It must be asked: who will be using the equipment and what are their physical needs or limitations? The design also needs to consider the law. The International Building Code governs the United States for construction unless the code is overwritten by the local, state or government codes. The codes require that all users who need to gain access to certain areas and equipment have the means of accessing that area safely.

Consider who will be the end user of your stage, arena seating or elevated platforms prior to laying out the design. Ensure that you are following government, state and local codes. Proper accessibility planning up front can make your project an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use space.

Staging Concepts can design and build stair units of all widths and heights as well as ramps to provide your project with the accessibility you need to comply with the building codes and look great. Specialty lighting with glow strips, incandescent or LED can be added to any stair unit to accommodate accessibility when the lights go down and the show starts.

Don’t be left in the dark. Let Staging Concepts to help you plan, design and build your next project so that every user has a great experience. Contact us today.