A Letter From Staging Concepts: IBC Changes

IBC, A Letter From Staging Concepts: IBC Changes

Dear valued customer,

codeWe hope this letter finds you and your business healthy and prosperous. We aim to not only be a valued source of staging solutions for our clients, but also a valued source of information. As you may be aware, the 2012 International Building Code includes new requirements for performance staging, changing the minimum loading requirement from 125 psf (610 kg/sq meter) to 150 psf (732 kg/sq meter). Platforms incorporated into seating risers must support 100 psf (488 kg/sq meter) per the 2012 International Building Code.

The 2012 International Building Code has now been fully adopted in 28 U.S. states. In addition, some local jurisdictions have adopted 2012 IBC where statewide adoption has not yet taken place. You can check out the following website to see which jurisdictions have adopted the 2012 IBC code: http://www.iccsafe.org/wp-content/uploads/stateadoptions.pdf.

The Staging Concepts SC90 Platform with a size of 4’ x 8’ (1.22m x 2.44m) was originally engineered to support 125 psf. We have re-engineered the SC90 Platform to meet 2012 IBC’s 150 psf loading requirement. Starting June 1st, 2016, all shipments of the SC90 Platform will be supplied with the new design so that any 4 ‘ x 8’ platform will support a 150 psf load.

For customers who own the older version of the 4’ x 8’ SC90 platform, there are two options for bringing your performance stage up to the 2012 IBC load requirement of 150 psf:

  1. We are offering a Retrofit Kit so that your older version platform may be upgraded to meet the new building code standard (click here to view). Upgrade kits may be purchased from Staging Concepts by contacting us at info@stagingconcepts.com or calling (763) 233-1594.
  2. The new SC90 Platform is fully compatible with all other Staging Concepts equipment. Please click here to view the data sheet for further details or visit our website. New platforms may be purchased from Staging Concepts by contacting us at info@stagingconcepts.com.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this change in the building code.  We are happy to assist you with any staging questions regarding your existing inventory or future needs.


Bob Randall
Vice President