Introducing the “202-WON” Campaign

, Introducing the “202-WON” Campaign

Cue #twentytwentyWON!

We all know that 2020 has been challenging and presented us with obstacles we never saw coming – both within our personal and professional lives. Fortunately, right around the corner is a new year which means a fresh start for us all.

Throughout the pandemic, Staging Concepts has remained (virtually) in front of customers as much as possible to indicate our support and assistance. That support will continue to flourish in the new year with the “twentytwentyWON” marketing campaign. We will continue to be available to our customers to serve their need and help all people enjoy amazing life experiences.

Our goal is to make everyone feel they have won – no matter what that means. Within our industries and network of partners, customers, and vendors, we’ve made it to this day, so in our eyes, you’ve won. Again, it does not matter how you got here or in what capacity you’re currently in, we’re here to help you maintain a winning mindset in 2021. We will support, assist and nurture you as we all move onward.

While the journey ahead is still unknown, our mission for 2021 is to help our industries and customers succeed and win by all means possible. Small victories will not be overlooked. More details to come on #twentytwentyWON!

Be well. We’re looking forward to a brand new year…and to WIN with you!