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We elevate all people’s abilities to safely access and enjoy amazing life experiences.

Create the ultimate fan experience with Staging Concepts’ sports staging systems.

We design and customize staging to perfectly meet your sports facility’s needs. From custom railing, camera platforms, and seating systems to VIP viewing decks and ADA infills, Staging Concepts manufactures the most durable equipment in the industry to complement sports stadiums and arenas. All of our products are made to withstand the most challenging conditions of any sports facility. Make your patrons’ experiences memorable by customizing a sports staging system unique to all other facilities.


Sports Arena Staging

Some of the most energetic and exciting places to be at are sports arenas during a big game or concert. And when you’re looking for an elevated experience for your patrons, it’s made possible with demountable equipment, such as staging components. From collegiate athletic venues to NFL stadiums, Staging Concepts has provided customized staging solutions for sports arenas across the nation and around the world.


To ensure we offer a complete service, we will meet every venue where they’re at – often this means customizing a staging system unique to each facility to ensure every patron has an unforgettable experience. We manufacture the most durable equipment in the industry, including party decks, VIP viewing areas, lift gates, custom railings, ADA infills, and solutions to transform end zone seating.


Bringing your vision to a reality, Staging Concepts will help increase your venue’s ROI while maintaining the safety of your guests and enhancing their experience. For instance, we know stadiums are often used to host more than just their home team. Concerts, monster truck events, and other live entertainment is often showcased at these locations, and our solutions help make your space accommodate them all. We specialize in giving you customized, demountable solutions to meet the needs of your venue and a multitude of events. 


Luxurious Applications

Luxury areas with private seating at the field level is trending among all sports stadiums as fans often want to sit comfortably and socialize during the game. With demountable seating configurations, and modular equipment that can be setup and taken down as needed, fans can enjoy the VIP experience at both the concourse and field level.


Superior Solutions from Staging Concepts

As an industry leader in providing custom and demountable solutions, our goal is to elevate all people’s abilities to safely access and enjoy the game. By lending our expertise, knowledge, resources, and partners, we can design and deliver a solution that’s worthy of being named the MVP. No matter the size or layout of your facility, our experienced design engineers are capable of turning the impossible into the possible. 


Staging Concepts is known for our creative ability to come up with solutions exceeding your expectations. We will guarantee full-service in manufacturing, project management and installation. Contact us today to learn more about our products and process.

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