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In addition to working directly with venues on projects, we offer multiple products suitable for production-rental staging solutions.


From substantial stage setups to staging for small events, Staging Concepts designs and builds versatile production equipment to completely meet your specific staging needs.


Whether you need portable platforms, guardrails, stair units, barricades or other custom applications, we offer the most advanced durable and lightweight equipment in the industry. Our unparalleled staging products are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, guaranteeing that any product we provide you will last for years to come. All our equipment can be arranged into systems without using any tools, making set-up and tear-down exceptionally easy and efficient.


Why Our Staging Products Are Perfect for Production Needs

For production companies serving events of any volume, our equipment is the right choice. Built to be dependable, modular, and easy to set up, know that we’ve got your back for production needs.

What makes our equipment popular and production-worthy is the high-quality engineering that each component is designed with, paired with the endless configurations available. We know no two requests or events are the same so we make sure our equipment can suit all needs.

(Note: We are not a rental company, but manufacture products that can be sold to rental companies.)


What We Offer

To ensure we supply your production or rental company with the proper product inventory, our primary design offerings include:

Portable staging/platforms
Portable risers
Supports – both fixed and adjustable
Ramps and other ADA accessible equipment
Portable seating
Stair units

We have a proven track record spanning more than 30 years and, thanks to our experienced design team, there’s little we can’t deliver on. (To clarify, we sell to rental companies and do not rent out equipment.)


Coast-to-Coast and Beyond

From hospitality to live music performances small and large, our staging equipment is capable of optimal utilization for any project. Not only do our systems span the nation, but we’ve delivered projects worldwide.


Connect With Us to Get Started

At Staging Concepts, we offer more than just staging products. Thanks to an in-house team of engineers and experts with decades of experience, we’re able to provide creative, thoughtful solutions for a wide range of needs. Whether you have a niche industry to adhere to or you’re simply unsure which products to invest in—whatever the case—we’re happy to steer you in the right direction.


Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about production and rental equipment.

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