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Staging Concepts performing arts staging systems and products are designed to maximize any venue.


We specialize in building modular stages to seamlessly look and feel permanent. Our customization options can maximize the functionality of your space while giving you the capability to choose a system that perfectly matches your venue. Our equipment is of the finest quality, requiring no tools, making it easy and efficient for set-up and take-down.


Performing art centers, theatres, auditoriums, and other performance facilities (including theaters in K-12 educational facilities and colleges/universities) demand durable and high-quality equipment for their venues — and Staging Concepts can perfectly fulfill this need. Whether it is a small portable stage for a choir room, orchestra pit filler for a theatre, or flexible seating risers for a black box, Staging Concepts will provide the ideal equipment to match the project.


Custom Staging Solutions for Your Performing Arts Project

Custom staging products enable both the audience and the performers to have a dynamic, immersed experience. Our modular, high-quality equipment can help deliver just that. Whether the space is housing an orchestra, a play, or a concert, theatrical events regularly demand transformations on a large scale. This may mean the size or shape of the stage will change based on the number of performers or additional risers are added. Whatever the case may be, modular, custom staging products can handle the change for multiple performances.


Durable Products You Can Rely On for Concerts, Plays, and More

When you invest in staging products, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Our equipment is built to last and will withstand the strain of regular traffic, movement, and general repurposing. As professional designers and manufacturers, we understand the toll these performances can take year-round on staging systems. That’s why our products are designed to last, and we have a 30-year+ track record to prove it.


Staging Concepts — More Than Three Decades of Quality

At Staging Concepts, we provide a full spectrum of staging products for venues of all sizes across the United States and internationally. Thanks to our in-house team of experienced designers and engineers, we have the capability to customize staging systems for just about any venue or project need. Our aim is to elevate your performing arts experience and the experience of your guests.

Looking to learn more about our performing arts staging solutions? Give us a call or contact us online.


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