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We elevate all people’s abilities to safely access and enjoy amazing life experiences.

Maximize your event space with Staging Concepts’ superior hospitality staging systems.

Whether you need a pool cover, VIP booth, DJ booth or portable staging for your event facility, we can provide you with customized systems for your specific venue needs. We can help you create ultimate, entertainment atmospheres with our versatile and easy-to-set-up systems. Our customized staging systems will no doubt leave a lasting impression on all your guests.


Event Staging

The hospitality industry is known for hosting many events and when you have an event that needs temporary or permanent staging, you shouldn’t have to compromise on safety, style and accessibility. With Staging Concepts, our flexible stage equipment is portable and can easily be re-configured for multiple layouts. 


There are a variety of applications in hospitality that can benefit from portable staging, including:

  • Conventions/Convention centers
  • Concerts
  • Hotels/rooftop pools
  • Night clubs

Generally, portable platforms have been used in temporary settings to enhance flexibility and deliver long-term versatility. However, to accommodate modern designs, we now often see them being incorporated into permanent staging systems.


Our demountable staging equipment is suitable for a variety of entertainment venues, and we will design and customize staging systems to fit your needs. Our goal is to ensure modularity and comfortability for your event, while creating the ideal entertainment atmosphere.


Whether installing equipment for a professional business meeting or an elegant wedding ceremony, our accommodating, portable platforms are convenient, cost-effective and versatile. We also offer stage extensions, semi-permanent seating risers, mobile stages and other products that may be customized to the needs of your venue, enhancing usability and profitability.


Custom Solutions

To enhance the overall experience for everyone involved, consider a custom staging solution. Our knowledge and resources will provide you with the optimal solution for your needs—no matter the layout or size of your facility. Our in-house design team consists of experienced engineers, making us the go-to company in producing superior staging products.


Our team will develop a functional, rewarding solution exceeding your expectations and turning your vision into reality. And with more than three decades of manufacturing products designed for durability, here at Staging Concepts we have been known for our ability to come up with creative solutions to meet a wide range of project demands.


As an industry leader in staging equipment, Staging Concepts strives to deliver durable, quality products and custom solutions. If you’re in need of staging for your hospitality venue, contact us today to learn more.

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