Multi-Configuration Pulpit Areas

Enhance your worship experience using products from Staging Concepts!  We offer customized solutions for your worship facilities so you have a meaningful and enjoyable service. Portable stages, choral risers, seating risers, stage extensions, and drum risers can all be used for additional seating, improved acoustics, and great presentation. We also have a full line of riser accessories to ensure the safety of your congregation.

Staging Concepts, provides places of worship with Multiple Configuration Pulpit Areas.  These versatile pulpit areas allow the worship facility to quickly and easily change from an elaborate choir performance venue to a simple sermon setting. Staging Concepts does not provide the actual pulpit, but helps to enhance the staging and area surrounding.

The Multiple Configuration Pulpit Area uses a combination of Staging Concepts’ SC90 Platforms with your choice of surface, Fixed Height or Adjustable Height Leg Supports.  Together, these components can construct a choral riser, a pulpit podium, and even a performance stage for annual plays and pageants.  The SC90 Platforms lock together using a patented Roto-Lock system, giving the platform surface a monolithic feel.  The Fixed Height and Adjustable Height Leg Supports carry the platforms in four corners and use non-marring leveling feet for two inches of fine adjustment.

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