Premium Seating, Priceless Experience


By: Brian Murrell, Project Manager

While Wisconsin is normally known for its love of football and barley-based beverages, its residents also have a healthy love for the game of hockey. Despite not being home to an NHL team, the state has one of the highest populations of hockey players in the country – a thriving fan base for their local teams. So when these fans get the craving for live hockey action, they often flock to the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena located in downtown Milwaukee, the home of the semi-professional hockey team the Milwaukee Admirals where Staging Concepts has just help the facility create the new premium U.S. Bank Club seating area.

The U.S. Bank Club at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena is a premium seating area that provides fans with the thrill of front row seating with all the luxury accommodations included in club seating. The system was built using Staging Concepts’ SC90 platforms for the floor, allowing the arena to quickly change out the platforms when the facility transformers over to be used for another event such as basketball, indoor soccer or a concert. Located directly behind the goal at the north end of the arena, the system provides access to drink top seating right up against the glass using a custom design version of Staging Concepts’ very own VIP Drink Rail. The SC90 platforms provided were custom cut to fit against the dasher boards giving the system its natural, seamless inclusion into the setting.