Staging platforms are the cornerstone of Staging Concepts equipment line. Known for strength and durability, our staging platforms are used for a variety of events and venues. While the SC97 aluminum stage platform is reserved for those seeking weatherproof stage decks for outdoor sports venues, the SC90 is touted as one of the most durable and versatile portable stage decks in the market.

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SC90 Platform

The SC90 Platform is the cornerstone of Staging Concepts’ equipment line. It is well known for its strength, versatility and durability, constructed of a patented aluminum extruded frame combined with a 1-inch thick plywood substrate with an aluminum backer.  The aluminum backer provides a Class A fire rating for the platform. The SC90 stage deck is available in standard and custom sizes for both indoor and outdoor use. Standard sizes include 4’ x 8’ (1.22m x 2.44m), 4’ x 6’ (1.22m x 1.83m), 4’ x 4’ (1.22m x 1.22m), 3’ x 8’ (.91m x 2.44m), 3’ x 6’ (.91m x 1.83m) and 2’ x 8’ (.61m x 2.44m). A full line of accessories is available for the portable stage decks and elevated platform risers, as well as multiple surface options.

The SC90 Platform is a single-side, indoor/outdoor, weather-resistant, portable platform. The platform is designed to be fully field repairable, to function with all Staging Concepts supports, and to comply with the following:

  • Finished surfaces: Poly vinyl (black or gray), commercial grade carpet (black or gray), unfinished plywood, painted plywood (black), Plyron® (tempered hardboard), acrylic (clear or opaque)
  • Optional storage clips are available for leg storage under the platforms.
  • Tongue and groove hardwood surface available upon request (specify wood species)

Standard 4′x8′ Platforms will support 125 lbs/square foot (610.3 kg/square meter). Additional support beams can be installed to increase load rating.  Smaller platforms have higher load ratings.  Please inquire.

SC97 Platform

  • SC97 Platform
  • SC97 Anodized Platform

The SC97 Platform is an all-aluminum weatherproof deck used mainly in sports venues. It is engineered for strength and durability, but is lightweight as well. All decking and aisle steps are made of non-slip ribbed extruded aluminum. The SC97 is flexible and can be used with all of Staging Concepts’ support systems.

The SC97 Platform is a single-side weatherproof, portable platform. Platform is designed to be fully field repairable and to function with all Staging Concepts’ supports.

Custom Platform Options

Whether you are looking for durability or sound dampening, Staging Concepts offers a variety of custom platform options that will provide you with the best quality system.


Optional Platform Components

  • Support Beam – Provides extra durability and firmness
  • Acoustical Insulation – Improves sound dampening to minimize footstep echoing
  • Additional Layer of Plywood- Decreases deflection and helps improve sound dampening

Custom Platform Surface Options

  • Black or Gray Poly Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Tongue and Groove Hardwood Surface
  • Plyron™ (Tempered Hardboard)

*Other Custom Finish Options Available Upon Request